Starting a blog 101

Live to Write - Write to Live

As some of you may know I’m teaching a college level online course called “Writing Blogs.”

I don't have a picture of a blog, do you're getting a chicken. I don’t have a picture of a blog, so you’re getting a chicken.

This is my first 100% online course and it’s been a little tough because it’s difficult to sense frustration unless the students write about it in the forum. And I’m sensing frustration.

It’s been 3 weeks and my class is *just* starting to create their blogs. This was intentional, as I’ve told my students you have to know how to play your scales before you can improvise.

My students had to pick a topic based on their qualifications (and a hobby counts as a qualification) and then they had to look at other blogs in that field in order to begin figuring out who their audience is. We took our time with this because nailing your audience *before* you begin writing…

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